How much does the Rip City Kids Club cost?

The Rip City Kids Club membership is completely free. If you choose to have any prizes shipped rather than picked up, there will be a $5-10 shipping fee depending size & weight of the item. Exact cost can be seen in the description of each item in the Point Store.

If the club is free, why are you asking for my credit card information?

Your child's safety is our top priority. In order to comply with COPPA's (Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule) required verifiable parental/guardian consent, we must verify your consent by either collecting your credit card information or having you fill out the Verifiable Parental Consent Form. We know this is a step you probably weren't expecting, and we really appreciate you working with us to ensure the safety of your personal information.

What are the benefits of being a Rip City Kids Club member?

Kids Club Members get exclusive discounts to the official Trail Blazers online store, select Trail Blazers games and Rose Quarter Family Shows, and youth basketball clinics. Members also receive invites to exclusive Kids Club events and activations. All Kids Club Benefits can be found on the Kids Club website.

Are there age requirements to become a member of the Rip City Kids Club?

The age requirement for the Rip City Kids Club is 15 and under.

Can I register more than one child for the Rip City Kids Club?

Yes! Parents or Guardians can register more than one child.

Do I need to live in Oregon to be a Rip City Kids Club member?

No, you don’t need to be a resident of Oregon to be a member. However, most of our in-person events (when possible) are in the Oregon and SW Washington area. You will also need to pay for shipping to redeem prizes.

How will Rip City Kids Club members be notified of any Kids Club events?

Parents will receive email alerts, and the "Earn Points" page will be updated regular with year-round and seasonal opportunities.

Who can attend Rip City Kids Club events?

All Kids Club members can attend Kids Club events with one accompanying Parent or Guardian.

How do I get points?

You can get points by completing challenges, watching games and even reading! Once you have a reward code, you can enter it to receive points. The points will be automatically added to your profile afterwards. Stay up-to-date with opportunities to earn points at our regularly updated "Earn Points" page.

How do I redeem a rewards code?

On Desktop, this can be found on the home screen by clicking the Rip City Kids Club logo in the top left corner. You will enter the reward code in the box that says "Do you have a promo code?" On mobile, this can be found under the "Redeem Codes" tab.

How do I redeem my points for prizes?

You can visit the "Point Store" page to see available prizes and purchase them similar to how you would use any other currency. Prize availability is subject to change.

Can I return or exchange my prize?

The Rip City Kids Club does not currently accept returns or exchanges of prizes. If your prize arrived damaged or defective, please email kidsclub@trailblazers.com with photos of the prize.

How will prizes be received?

We will have three delivery methods: 1) Virtual Prizes: Instructions will be emailed to the address we have on file for you. 2) Pick-up: We hold Kids Club Events where prize pick up will occur. We will announce when these will happen via Kids Club Newsletter. 3) Shipping: If you would like, you can opt to have your item shipped directly to you for a fee between $5-10 depending on size & weight of the item. Please allow for 2-4 weeks for your order to arrive.

Do Kids Rip City Club Members have to register every year?

No, your free Kids Club membership will automatically renew 365 days after you register. You will receive an email alert 7 days before it renews to notify you, no action will be needed on your part.

What if my birthday is after June 1 - how do I get my points?

Don't worry, you will be rewarded your points as part of next season's club membership.

Do my points expire?

Yes, points expire every year on June 1.

I was expecting an email from the Rip City Kids Club and didn't receive one, what happened?

It more than likely ended up in your Spam folder. Make sure RipCityKidsClub@rewards-message.com is in your email system to ensure delivery of future emails from the Kids Club

How can I discontinue my membership?

It's easy, just email kidsclub@trailblazers.com and we'll take care of it for you!

My question wasn't answered here, is there somewhere to contact for more information?

Of course! You can email kidsclub@trailblazers.com with any questions, comments, or concerns. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.